Decorate A Modern Curio Shelf Cabinet

Curio Cabinets

A modern curio shelf cabinet can be a crucial decorative accessory for a dining room or living room. Due to influences in the 1950s, curiosity cabinets are often seen as obsolete or old-fashioned pieces of furniture. To keep your curio cabinet looking modern, update the items you choose to display in the cabinet. That does not mean you cannot show your grandmother’s ancient China. But that means you will have to incorporate curiosity cabinet design modern elements. With a few practical suggestions for curio cabinet modernization, you can create the perfect accent to any living room dining room.
Paint Curio Cabinet a light color
Curio shelves cabinets have been notoriously painted or stained dark colors over the years. And this look is a little outdated. For a modern style, paint your curio cabinet a brighter color. You will feel a big change in the overall appearance of your curiosity cabinet once you have painted it a more modern color.
Add mirrors to the rear wall of the Curio Cabinet
Mirrors have a great way to add depth and character to a room. Since you do not want your curio cabinet to appear lifeless or old-fashioned, use some simple mirrors located on the back of the cabinet to create an open feel. Mirrors are reflective so they can used to increase the dimensional and lighting elements of your living or dining room. A curiosity cabinet will look bigger and more attractive once you have added mirrors to the back wall.
Select colorful items for display
Colorful pieces of glass and ceramics make the greatest effect when decorating a curiosity cabinet. Simply choosing art glass that has vibrant shades of color will immediately increases the area of space. And add a modern visual apple to the living space. If possible, try tying in colored display elements that complement colors in the design of your living or dining room. Do you have any older pieces that are sentimental you want to include in your collection? So, feel free to incorporate them into curiosity cabinet design.
Use a common media to bring harmony to the Curio
Choose a beaded vine, a berry reed, straw, Taft or rafia to incorporate the design of your curiosity cabinet. This kind of natural media will bring uniformity to the matter. And tie all the decorative elements together in a visually attractive way. Use these media in a neat manner. So that they are scattered naturally and symmetrically throughout the curio view. Used curio cabinets that modern can be a crucial decorative accessory for a dining room or living room.

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