Create A Cozy Corner With Wicker Chair

Wicker Resin Patio Chairs

The wicker chair is back again! That is something you have not missed out on as a real interiors house. In the 60s, the rattan armchairs were also hugely popular. Every household had such a chair in the living room. It turns out that trends return. Because the rattan chairs belong to the home trend of 2018! The chairs are available in all kinds of designs and different colors. Due to the natural look of the chairs. They fit into every house. Because of this we are inspire. And we show you how the armchairs fit into various interiors. First of all, we want to make some ambiguity about the name out of the world. In popular speech, rattan furniture is also call with wicker furniture. This name is not entirely correct. Reed is an aquatic plant and not sturdy enough to make chairs, for example.
Rattan, on the other hand, is a kind of vine and very solid. It’s so suitable for making furniture. The Scandinavian interior is characterize by, among other things, light colors, natural materials and natural hues. A wicker chair fits well with this style of living . Put a sheepskin in the chair to bring back the natural materials in the interior. In the living room of a cool house you also regularly see rattan chairs! It is precisely the combination of robust materials. Then dark colors and natural materials that you see a lot in an industrial interior. Use steel accessories in the home and choose cool cushions to put in the chair. Completely fitting in such a sturdy living room is a rattan chair with steel frame or black legs.
The rattan chair fits perfectly into the natural interior of today. Such an interior naturally requires green accents in your interior. Bring your home into the atmosphere of an urban jungle by applying a tropical wallpaper. Choose to mix large and small plants with each other for a real green experience. Create a cozy corner with the wicker chair arms and a table with plants. Look for cushions with a botanical print and place them in your rattan chair! Have you already looked at your parents, grandfather or grandmother in the attic to see whether a rattan chair is dusting? Or did you buy a new one yourself in the store? Let us know! We are also happy to be inspired by you. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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