Convertible Chair For Your Home

Small Space Ottoman Fold Out Bed

If you have small space at home and you receive many guests, a convertible chair will be your best solution. The convertible chairs are an auxiliary piece that offers us different possibilities of use in our home. In addition, in recent years its aesthetics and comfort have been evolving to adapt to the needs of each person. Chair beds are an effective solution to furnish the spaces in the home in a versatile way. Not only for guests, but also real beds for situations where the size of the house exclude other possibilities.
The advantages of a fold out ottoman bed are many. First, ease of opening and closing. A practical handle placed between the two back cushions will help you in opening the bed. Second, all elements remain firmly joined together. Third, each element has a double function to guarantee the best final comfort. Last, the sofa is comfortable, the bed is there but you cannot see it. When switching from sofa mode to bed mode, the back cushions are no longer required. With the movement of the mechanism the backrest remains anchored and follows the trajectory revealing inside two clever compartments to store the pillows of the bed.
The sofa beds are distinguished from each other by the formal details. Also the stylistic choices and the type of integrated mattress. Some examples? Magnus sofa bed is elegant and refined sofa bed. Its peculiarity is the armrest with a curved and sinuous line facing the seat. The structure offers the possibility of having a 17 cm mattress. And a comfortable grip to open the sofa-bed structure hidden between the back cushions. Marshall sofa bed is the transformable that welcomes you with softness. Thanks to the presence of the ratchet mechanism, so increasing the height of the backrest. And also the relaxation is warrantly.
So, ideal for comfort in a sitting position, while watching television for example. Moore sofa bed, Moore is the ergonomic sofa bed par excellence. It has a thin arm with rounded shapes, the ratchet mechanism of the back, and is modular in several variants. You can have in the model armchair bed (single bed), ottoman sleeper bed for two people, with or without the addition of a peninsula. The peninsula also hides a storage compartment in which to store all the accessories useful for the night. Thanks to the most advanced mechanisms, the transition from sofa to bed, in all models, is no longer a problem.

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