Coffee Table Lift Top With Several Functions

Lift Top Coffee Table Square

Coffee table lift top – In the living room, the coffee table is in the center of the room and can become a real decorative element, in addition to being practical to place the remote control, magazines or a drink during the aperitif! We choose it according to our habits, our needs and our atmosphere.  A modern living room without the designer coffee table is like a mannequin without the lipstick – incomplete. The perfect coffee table is a very important piece of furniture for the living room that embellishes and modernizes it. The coffee tables have several functions – to complete the design of the room or to serve as a storage unit. If you have not yet chosen your coffee table, in this article you will find 24 examples of contemporary and original models.

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By choosing the perfect design coffee table for you, first question you should ask yourself is which table style will be appropriate for your living room. Do you want a wooden coffee table with squat legs or a metal one with a glass surface? What shape – round, square or rectangular? The suggested options are really endless and you should do some small research before choosing the table for you. What is the favorite place to store and display books? The coffee table, of course! This is the most accessible and prettiest place to place piles of books. Being close to the sofa, this will provide a very good excuse for lounging and reading! It is also possible to store them on the tablet under the table, to free the surface for other objects of interest. Why not combine a pile of recent books or magazines with pretty succulent jars.

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Opt for diversity in the patterns and dimensions of the pots to give the perfectly imperfect look that we love so much! The tray has two main functions in my opinion: to gather trendy decorative objects and serve the snack. I often use this kind of articles since it facilitates the clearing of the table if necessary. We raise the plateau, a little shot of “rags” and presto, voila! Asymmetry is the most beautiful balance in my eyes! On a more massive side table, it is interesting to decenter the decorative items to highlight the materials. The candles, the wood carving and the eucalyptus stems come together to form an up-to-date ensemble! Many enjoy performances of the current season. Regardless of the latter, you will always find chic little items that can be added to more timeless ones.

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