Building Frame For Marble Table

Wood Leg Marble Table Top

You do not have to spend a smaller fortune for custom furniture. By building your own marble table, you can create your own look for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a furniture sales point. Once you have built a frame for the table, you can add an attractive marble table to complete the look. Building a table frame is a project that most homeowners can fill on their own in just a few hours.


Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your marble plate. Subtract four inches from the length and width of the plate to find the dimensions of your table frame. These dimensions will allow a two-inch overhang on all four sides of the frame. Cut two pieces of two and four hardwood to the length of measurement you only took with a circle saw. Use circular saws to saw two more pieces in two and four hardwoods to the width measurement you’ve just set, minus four inches. Stand the four boards upright on their longest narrow edges. Arrange the boards in a rectangular shape, sandwiching the shorter boards between the ends of the longer ones. Run 4-inch wood screw through the longer boards in the thickness of the shorter to secure the frame.
Cut four 4-by-4 inch hardwood inserts to the desired height on your desk frame. These services will be the legs for your design marble table. Stand the four table legs upright in each of the four corners inside the hardwood frame you just designed. Each table leg should be in line with the inner edges of the frame on two sides. Preload holes through the outside of the table frame in the table legs on each side where the legs touch the frame. Insert a 5-inch carton bolt into each pre-drilled hole and tighten it by hand with a screwdriver. Add extra support for your desk frame by driving 2-inch wooden screws at an angle through the table legs inside the hardwood frame. Marble is very heavy, so reinforces your table frame as much as possible to support the weight of the tabletop.
Cut a piece of 1/2-inch plywood to the length and width dimensions in the table frame. Place the plywood plate on top of the table frame and fasten it into place by driving nails from a nail gun down through the plywood in the frame below. Paint or bump the filled table frame to match the existing interior system in your room. Take color marble into consideration when selecting a color for your table frame so the two parts of the table do not collide. Place the table frame in the desired position when someone helps you lift the marble disc and place it on top of the frame. Adjust the marble so that it is centered over the frame. It should hang over the edges of the frame by about two inches on all four sides.

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