Best Plug In Outdoor Light Accessories

Plug In Outdoor Light And Outlet

Three types plug in outdoor light commonly used is electricity, low voltage, and solar power. In some industrial applications, for example, building sites, a voltage between electricity and 12V is used. In the UK, where normal electricity is 240V, this is usually 110V. The reason for this is mainly that it is less dangerous in risk areas, while still providing sufficiently strong lighting. There is also the advantage that theft of tubers. And other equipment is blocking because they do not work well from normal mothers.

Powered Outdoor Lighting Mains

This provides the brightest light and is almost always used for security lighting, or where bright light is needed outside. However, because the power cable is needed to turn on the lights, it must be protected properly. If the lamp is mounted on the wall and the cable goes straight out of the wall, this is not a problem. If the cable must be buried underground, an armored cable must be used. Because the shovel can easily pass through an ordinary electrical cable. Armored cables are three or four core cables, with good insulation. And are covered with steel strands that are tightly wrapped around. Because of stranded protection, they can be cut with normal cable cutters. Three core cables – live, neutral and earth – used in most domestic installations. Four cores are used when a three-phase supply is being used.) All lamp fittings must be suitable for outdoor use, which is protected from water, and earthed, except for all plastic or rubber.

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Low Voltage Garden Lighting

This type of lighting provides light that is less bright than the parent, but often is still good enough to illuminate roads, beds, or even practical light which is useful if there is enough light and they are close enough to the desired light spot. The main advantage is that they all work from the main transformer, which is connected to an electrical socket, but lowers the voltage to (usually) 12V. This will still cause the lamp to fail if someone puts the shovel through a cable, for example, but that person will not be electrocuted. 12V is quite safe, so there is no special protection needed for cables.

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Solar Powered Garden Lighting

Solar lights are the faintest outdoor lights, but LED lights are getting brighter all the time. They are usually used for effects in the garden, or for lighting the roadside. They are not used for practical lighting. Their big advantage is not needed wiring. They work from the power of the sun, and only need to be trapped on the ground (most come with surges to do this). This works with light operating the solar panel during the day, to charge a rechargeable battery. Photocell switches on the LED light bulb during darkness and this is activated from the charged battery. During summer, light will generally last throughout the night, but in winter it may not last more than a few hours.

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