Beautiful Electric Fireplace Ideas And Design

Warm Electric Fireplace

The determined view of electric fireplace as a symbol of a beautiful life makes it a subject of dreams and the goal of many. Not long ago, it was really not available to everyone. Today, it’s not that difficult to allow yourself this attribute of security. The most versatile open-plan decor is available: on any budget and request. Think about the most important types of home decor “eat”. Models for open space, houses or fake fireplaces are made of different materials. But in any case, it should be borne in mind that under the fireplace the walls of the fireplace are heated. Therefore, fire resistant components and installation are require according to all regulations. Otherwise, the oven can not only lose its external appeal but also collapse. The portal is made in any style, and “fillings” are real logs, wreaths, and other fire-resistant light sources.
The shape can be different and accurately reproduce the actual fireplace. On the metal structure, they are not only gypsum boards but also facing artificial stone or tiles. Polyurethane adhesive to plasterboard without problems, looking forward to it. Since it is not intend to use such a fireplace, it can be complete even with paper or foam. They either imitate the material that is common for the oven, or intentionally reveal what they are. When installing electric fireplace, the safety rules must be follow, as a furnace requires a chimney. The technical side of the case is best assign to the specialist. The design is independently equip: depending on the size of the burner. For electricity and ecosystems in a city apartment it is necessary to prefabricate a frame covered with plasterboard, primed, painted or decorated with plaster, other material.
You can use a simulation of wire or stucco from polyurethane. It’s a decor in a budget variant, but inspiration combine with a variety of colors and shades creates this exclusive. A more relaxed version that assumes a tradition like a fireplace base and a modern look of walls or furniture. Fresco, painting, gypsum niches are allow. This style is suitable for electric fireplaces (unlike the first two). Assume an emphasis on one thing: either fire or portal. The furnishing as such is virtually absent, and a light-emitting door reminder more purely constructively. Fans with minimalism, high technology and ceiling owners will appreciate wall or suspended fireplace, with the imitation of live biofuel fuel or glass metal models. The fireplace is fill with decorative stones.

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