Bamboo Chair, Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

Bamboo Back Chair

Bamboo chair – Surely many wicker and bamboo bring back memories of childhood, summers at dusk, smell of wet grass, family gatherings in the open air … And is that some time ago the bamboo furniture were the real protagonists, both indoors and outdoors. And as you already know, there are many trends that, for many years that pass always come back or, perhaps, they did not even get to go, this is what happens with the decoration in wicker and bamboo, which is a classic that is always present, especially in the summer season and in the most summer spaces: porches, country houses … But also in living rooms or kitchens, thus giving a different touch to our home, because just as we change the wardrobe, with the decoration of our house.

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Bamboo Chair

It is convenient to take into account the season of the year in which we are and, thus, incorporate new details that create different atmospheres and atmospheres more in line with the time in which we are. This material is brought directly from the East, robust and colorful, it is ideal to give, for example to the bedroom, a more wild and fresh touch, to help us fall asleep. With bamboo they are manufactured from chairs, tables, to any piece of furniture you can imagine. One of the best combinations is with natural wood and textiles in bright colors and prints, fabrics more typical of summer, for example linen, in this way we will break the chromatic monotony of bamboo.

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And if you apply some of the maxims of Feng Shui, which are so much taken into account in home decoration, you will know that it advocates the use of this material because it symbolizes growth, agility and life. In Nordic spaces it is increasingly common to find pieces made with this material, Scandinavian decoration seeks functionality, simplicity and natural environments, so wicker and bamboo fit so well.

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And, in spite of associating these furniture abroad, the most prestigious decoration firms are betting this year to place wicker and bamboo also in our interiors, creating eclectic, vital and natural spaces, all a declaration of intentions. Surely thinking of bamboo and wicker come to mind the typical armchairs and side tables or, at best, baskets to store or use as flowerpots, but the possibilities of this material are many more. The objective of today’s post is to fill you with inspiration and give you creative ideas with which to include wicker and bamboo in the home in an innovative and much more current way.

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