Assembly Instructions For Outdoor Bar Lights

The Best Outdoor Bar Lights

Outdoor bar lights – Outdoor lighting can bring assets to a space: functionality, safety and the environment. Choosing the assembly of lights to you can be a complex task. There are issues of city codes, tools and work with electricity to consider before starting your project. There are a handful of basic rules to keep in mind when preparing to mount and install exterior lighting. First, Ace Hardware recommends that you check the zoning codes in your area for the restriction of exterior lighting. This step can save you from a fine and or a potential fine. In terms of materials, purchase equipment such as electrical tape, a hammer, a Phillips head screwdriver and a hand level, along with your lighting kit. These things are necessary for any type of assembly.

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You have the option of mounting outdoor bar lights device that can be removed or one that is permanent. To assemble a semi-permanent light installation, obtain a kit that includes a set of rebars, a 12-volt transformer and a light. After picking up your place, set the mounting of the rebar in a hole in the floor, leaving 2 to 3 inches of the reinforcement bar above the top of the hole. Keep the land for the filling. Attach the cables to the mount and the transformer following the instructions in your kit. Once connected, slide the light over the wires and rebar. Outdoor Landscape Light recommends that you cover any exposed nuts or other metal with electrical tape before sliding the light into place on the rebar. With the light in place, fill the sides of the hole and the top of the mount with dirt.

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Outdoor landscape light says that a permanent mount for outdoor lighting involves the use of concrete to create a base to hold the mount. The following items are recommended to be used in the assembly process: a 40-pound quick-setting concrete bag for each light, Phillips screwdriver, hand level and electrical tape. After digging a 12-inch hole, nine inches fill with concrete and fix a nut and a bracket fixed at its center. When the concrete is established, connect the transformer, cables and light as indicated in the light kit, with the light cover plate on one of the export sides of the support. Remember to check all sides of the light to make sure they are at the same level.

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